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Frozen Food Cold Storages

frozen food cold storage

The frozen foodstuff manufacturers and forwarder are be aware that emphasis of effective storage and cooling. The frozen saving is the best way to protect food’s quality, test, smell and nutritive value. Our professional team is designe and assemble all kind of frozen storage rooms according to your requirements with efficiency and competitive cost.

Our professional team supply for you frozen foodstuff storage warehouses project, renovations, modernisation, system optimisations and maintenance.

Please contact with us for your all kind of frozen storage warehouse requirements.

  • Frozen foods are healty.
  • The Nutritive value is almost equal to fresh one.
  • Doesn’t containe additive substance
  • Possible to save long period with suitable conditions (-18 ºC )
  • Never loss quality during the storage period.
  • Pratic, cleaned, hulled and ready to cook


  • Product blast freezing tunnels
  • Refrigeration for IQF and spiral freezers
  • Plate freezers (horizontal and vertical)
  • Frozen storages, (it could customize with high ceiling if required)
  • Pre-cooling rooms
  • Process hall cooling with textile air socks
  • Refrigeration systems for production machines
  • Product preparation tanks refrigeration systems
  • Production areas air conditioning systems
  • High energy efficiency, precise controlled central refrigeration systems
  • Hygienic evaporator design in accordance with HACCP
  • Engine room design standards in accordance with European Norms
  • High efficiency, low energy consumption evaporative condenser applications
  • Remote monitoring and control systems by PLC/SCADA

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